Exterus Volume 1 Cover

When the snows melt and the snub-nosed flowers begin to push their way out of the muck, the Tattermoll begins her slow, pained walk.

“The Tattermoll by JS Veter in exterus magazine

Yacob’s crib-sister was a great one for adventures, so it was she who led them to the Hole.

“Crescendo” by JS veter in “Beneath ceaseless skies”
Story art from Space Squid

The nothing pressed into the kitchen, swallowed the cooker and the empty, powerless fridge.

“Checkmate” by js veter in space squid

Kush Apbuscan would never forgive Ambarr Ping for marrying his sister.

“Fargone’ by JS veter in “luna Station quarterly”

She held her breath. On the count of six, as always, whatever it was that lived under the brittle surface began to sing.

“Ice singer” by JS veter in “on spec”

Were Min still seventy, she could have made it in half the time, and not needed the breather.

“Deluge” by JS veter in “Daily Science fiction”

She liked to think of herself as adaptable, so she grunted and concentrated on bleeding as quietly as possible.

“witch of rymal pass” by js veter in Thunder on the Battlefield