In a moment of weakness, I did sign up for NaNoWriMo again this year, a mad plan in which a bunch of unsuspecting writers promise to write 50 000 words in a single month, in hopes that our wrists and our brains will hold out.

I’m planning a fantasy novel which sprang from a story my sister-in-law told about visiting a church yard in Scotland. Very excited about the possibilities.

I’m also almost finished my 12 Short Stories in 12 Months challenge, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The stories I wrote have turned out to be a sort of collective novel about a man named Cameron who’s haunted by the catastrophic change his mother underwent when he was a child.

BEAST is done and published. I plan to have book two finished by the end of 2017, and the fantastically talented illustrator who did the cover of book 1 has agreed to do book 2 for me as well.

The end of 2017 should also see the publication on SUBURBIA, a YA fantasy about a guy who gets way more than he ever wanted for summer vacation.